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TALES FROM THE HOUSE OF JUDAH - Supernatural Encounters

Once upon a time, there dwelt a bookstore on the edge of civilization and yet in the heart of God's Kingdom on Earth. In the course of two short years, an "unseen hand" directed the lives of Jews and Gentiles to the doorstep of the House of Judah Bookstore. Though it would never be considered a great success in the eyes of corporate America, the people whose lives were transformed within its gates exceeded all expectations for spiritual success. This book tells a story in full color ... it takes you on a journey through a series of coincidences of time and chance that can only be defined as supernatural. May your journey be filled with hope, with joy, and with Divine inspiration. Shalom 
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SCRIPTURAL ESSENCE -Temple Secrets Revealed

Did you know that Chakras, Meridians, Kinesiology (Muscle-Testing), Vibrational Frequency, and Pharmaceutical Companies are found in Biblical Texts? When you look beneath the surface of Scripture—inside the original Hebrew and Greek Languages—you too will discover ancient healing secrets of what God revealed to humanity. At the centerpiece of these revelations is Nature’s Original Medicine: Biblical Grade Essential Oils.  This fascinating Exposé delves into Biblical references for 20 essential oils and how they were used in the time of King Solomon. Through Scriptural Essence, you will take an unusual look at how the human body mirrors Solomon's Temple, its rituals, and the aromatic effects upon the Brain and Pineal Gland. Solomon wrote 3,500 years ago that “There’s nothing new under the sun; what has gone before will come again.” And like everything else, health secrets are as powerful today as they were “in the beginning.”  Click here:   https://app.thebookpatch.com/BookStore/scriptural-essence--temple-secrets-revealed/db6f5235-2c37-4438-9140-a581ea58d0ad


FENG SHUI GOD's WAY - The Secret was Here All the Time

Feng Shui, the Chinese Art of Placement, is much more than mere geography or how to balance the energy in your environment.  The journey to discover Feng Shui God's Way begins with the ancient Biblical text of the Torah.  Feng Shui is provably a natural law as real and as evident as gravity.  These insights to enhance your life are far older than we think.  They were first revealed to Adam; then to Job; and down through the portals of time to the great patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Finally, Moses recorded it in the Torah.  The secrets of Feng Shui were given to empower God's creation concerning every aspect of life on Planet Earth.  Feng Shui God's Way clarifies much of the mystery of this ancient art form and sheds new light on how God intended the natural law of "wind and water" to bless all who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying.  Click here:  https://app.thebookpatch.com/BookStore/feng-shui-gods-way/fcc07ab6-c098-4dc8-849e-c81ee98e7ba9