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Memories of You

"WOW - Impressed with Memories of your CD!  passion and beautiful voice to convey the lyrical emotions. Nice musical arrangements to compliment your voice.  You have a gift!" ~ Darrell P.

"Received the "Memories"CD and it's wonderful.  Congratulations!  We want to listen again this evening while having cocktails on the Balcony.  Thank you!" Lou and Sylvia S.

"Oh the memories you have rekindled.  Such a heavenly voice with rich undertones.  Don't want to overly gush, but I thought of Barbra Streisand as I listened to the CD.  How amazing it would be to see you in person!  God has given you a gift that few possess.  Thanks for sharing. ~ Steve S.

"Many Thanks for this CD, Janet.   Very enjoyable listening to a very terrific singer. You and I might do something musical in the future! ~ Jeff F.

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